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It is not as glorious as you think

· 2 min read

We sometimes tend to look at certain people like they are faultless creatures, and that can create a lot of harm for us. I mean people like famous artists, experienced doctors, inelegant entrepreneurs, and our crushes. For some reason, we think that they are very different from us and they are very good at what they do and we can never expect a mistake from them. However, that not the way humans work; despite their talent, they stumble from time to time and make stupid mistakes.

That glorious image of people that we conceive is harmful. It will let us think that we should be perfect at what we do otherwise we have to quit. Also, It let us feel that we don't deserve the situation or the job that we have because we fuck up sometimes. It lets us feel like we are impostors.

One great example that illustrates its normal to be imperfect is when my favorite artist Adele forgot the words of a song while singing in a concert. She got terrified and nervous but she didn't freeze, she just started over and continued (watch her That song was on the best-selling album of all time. It is fine to forget the words, she simply reminds us we are just human.