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How I master my daily routine

· 2 min read

There are a lot of things and habits that I wanted to do but struggled to find the time or keep myself motivated, like going to the gym or finishing a book. Recently, I developed a trick that worked for me and might work for you.

The essence behind the trick is simple, challenge yourself by doing the habit you want in an intensive way (daily) but in a short time (two weeks). For example, my first challenge was "14 days without internet" which was an eye-opener. I wrote about it here

The reason behind the high intensity and the short duration is to trick my mind that I'm capable of doing it daily so after the challenge ends, it will be easier to do it at a relaxed pace. Also, it will fit easily in my routine because I will be kinda used to it.

Another important thing, while experiencing this new habit, your body or mood will react accordingly. Track these changes by writing a summary each day. For example, when I started to track my progress of working out daily for 14 days, I noticed that my mood was at its best after the workout, my sleeping got better, my body couldn't run for long distances nor do more than 10 pushups at the beginning. I could literally see how my body is strengthening with time and that was a huge boost of motivation.