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The nasty drug

· 2 min read

Due to the imposed quarantine, I had to develop new routines in my life. Day 1, I was super optimistic, cooked a delicious meal, biked around new places, and so on. Day 2, I was surprised that I had to repeat what I did yesterday with slight changes. Day 3, doing nothing instead of laying in bed, thinking about my purpose in life!.

That is when I realized I was numbed for a long time with a nasty hidden drug, which is the internet (I didn't have it at that time). I'm not against it but using it to pass time and to escape other important things in life is just like taking a dose of cocaine, which serves the same purpose.

I learned from this experience that addiction is not related to the misuse of drugs but something more fundamental. It is linked to your basic needs both physical and mental (like the need for belonging). If they are not satisfied, your body gives you a sign (a pain, like in depression). Instead of numbing that pain through drugs or any sort of escaping addiction, identify what the need is, and work on it, maybe a kind listening friend is all you need.