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On change, is it what being alive is?

· One min read

There is something mysterious about what is called "change". It sounds like a simple concept but there is something deeper that I want to understand. Lets see what can physics tell us about it.

If you want to study motions, study how the positions change with time (here I said "change" put some emphasis on that). Sound is the movement of particles traveling with time. So, the music we enjoy is some sort of change. Anything moving generates light, so the light we see is a result of moving particles, again, the mysterious change. Lastly, If we talked about heat, a hot object means its particles move at a higher speed compared to a colder one. So, it is all about movement and change.

By observing this surprising but obvious concept of change, we can be reminded to always change and seek improvements, otherwise, lights will appear dark, music will sound quiet, and relationships will feel cold. If we don't change, we are simply dead.