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How to reflect on your past year

· 2 min read

I'm not gonna talk about the importance of reflecting on your past (just do it please). Instead, I want to share some helpful tips about that process because it's not easy. Our brain memory is very short and biased, it's impossible to remember all the things that happened last year to reflect on them. Here are some tricks I use that remind me of my past.

  • Highlights: I have a simple sheet where I highlight all the major achievements and fuck-ups. I talked about it in a previous post How I run my life like a business
  • Google Photos: photos are great memories saver, I do take photos a lot, of almost everything that excites me and store them in the cloud to reflect on them later on.
  • Instagram: the stories feature is a big player in this regard, it not only allows you to take snippets of your life and share them but it will store them for you forever, so you can see how silly you were in your 60s.
  • Diary: I do journal a lot, especially when I'm feeling down, I only read them at the end of each year to reflect on them, you will understand yourself more when you write to yourself.
  • Google Calander: all events are stored on my calendar, so it's a good way to remember what happened that year.
  • Bucket-list: if you have a bucket-list, check out what you have done and look forward to the remaining boxes.

I truly believe memories are the thing that will stick with you till the end, keep making good ones and store them, your brain is not good at this.